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Best Buddy Amy Poehler to Co-star with Tina Fay for the Film Comedy “The Nest”

It appears that best friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be going to star together in a new comedy movie entitled “The Nest”. This follows Tina announcement in the acting and producing the film from Universal directed by Jason Moore. It has now become public that Amy will be her co-star as well as co-producer. On board as producer too is Jay Roach, the award winning director of several hit comedies and HBO’s “Game Change”.

The two hilarious ladies will be acting as sisters who become kicked out of “The Nest” after their parents sell their family home and relocates in to a condo. Kate and Maura opt to throw the final blow out party, something they were famous for when they were living in the home. That’s the start of the hilarity.

Amy and Tina, who will be acting as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, have never acted a movie together other than the “Mean Grills” in 2004. Should they make this comedy and complete it in time, Amy and Tina will be promoting it on the Golden Globes coming January when they be co-hosting the show.

The shooting of the comedy kicks off in the second week of June in New York.

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