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Can Beyoncé’s Celebrity Reform Feminism?



During a latest PSA to proscribe the word bossy, Beyonce announced that she was not bossy but the boss which thrilled almost every girl in the world.

Most likely, that did not take place, but somehow, it occurred.

Different from Bill O’Reilly’s recent conspiracy theory, the downfall of society’s children didn’t start with Beyonce. Mrs. Carter seems to be the only person to steer leadership debate and feminism into the future.
To concur with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who said in her TEDx talk, a feminist is a person who believes in both sexes economic, social, and political equality.

It’s quite clear that feminism was another f-word that most women wouldn’t like to be associated with because it would appear like you hate men, fashion, lingerie, and all associated with femininity. Initially, it was hard to be proud of feminism to become married, stylish and enjoy sex. Not until recently.

Popular cultures and powerful female characters on TV have changed young women’s perception of strength and femininity. This is credit to Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope, where women don’t have to ape behaviors in the fear of being judged lightly.

From catwalks to Capitol Hill, fashion giants have gone political too. Tory Burch, the last year’s newly minted billionaire, came up with Women Rule, a women leadership series, after teaming up with Google and Politico. She brought up together Polinista, minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Stacey London, Congresswoman Jackie Speier and other participants to debate how women can rise on their own and conquer the world.

From a giddy business, fashion in Washington has become a multi-billion industry led by prominent donors like Anna Wintour at the helm – a clear indication that women have are becoming increasingly influential across the globe.
Hilary Clinton said that women leadership is important to their families as well as to the world. In reference to a report by Center for American Progress: Women Leadership: What’s True, What’s False and Why it Matters, women are earning more professional degrees than men making 52% of the workforce, but have stayed out of professional leadership positions.

Women leadership is becoming a popular culture but their power is yet to replicate in politics. The current policies are still the obsolete stay-at-home, happy housewife, clearly reflected by the fact that only 15% are in the U.S. Congress.

Oscar Wilde once said, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”. This appears that Beyonce’s statement that the future of women’s leadership, and the revival of feminism appears “flawless”, could be right.

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