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World Celebrities Share Tips on How to Get Over a Breakup

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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018

If you think that world-famous celebrities just sing songs, take part in movies, host various broadcasts, make big bucks and live a life of luxury, then you’re mistaken. They play an extremely important educational role in the lives of millions of their fans because they’re role models for them. If you keep track of celebrities’ lives, you might have noticed that like everybody else on Earth, they breathe the same air, suffer setbacks, get over breakups and make mistakes. Nevertheless, women know how to make breaking up a little less painful. They often learn a lot of lessons from a failed relationship, grow into better personalities and move on with their heads held high. Here are wise pieces of advice on how to quickly bounce back from a broken heart. These wonderful ladies with the first-hand experience of a breakup will change your life for the better.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo. says that one of the main priorities in the life of every woman is self-love. According to her point of view, breakup usually strikes an extremely heavy blow to the self-esteem. She advises women to boost their confidence until they start feeling really good about themselves, especially when looking in the mirror. Jennifer thinks that only thus, they’ll be able to understand that they’re truly amazing, love anyone else and become happy with them. It will certainly change their attitude towards the problem and inspire them to think that they deserve nothing less than the best. Superstar is sure that restoration of self-esteem will quickly make the things right.

2. Miley Cyrus

Very often a breakup is accompanied by a great variety of painful feelings, fears, and psychological insecurities. Miley Cyrus confessed that one of the strongest fears that had taken the wind out of her sails right after the breakup was the fear of being alone. Fortunately, she didn’t fall into depression, because she had found the strength to break that vicious circle of complexes. Miley thinks that the fear of loneliness conquers the minds of millions of women due to their habit of falling into emotional dependency. She’s sure that the victory over this habit can solve many, at first glance, irresolvable problems and make a breakup less painful.

3. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

This unbelievably talented, wise and charismatic actress teaches us to be philosophical about love. She always comforts herself with the thought that if people don’t belong together, there’s no need to stumble in the dark, even over the smallest clue and beat yourself up about a broken relationship. Anne wholeheartedly believes that every breakup brings with it an invisible profit and provides us with new opportunities. She encourages people not to be afraid of getting into a new relationship, even if the wounds are still fresh. The main thing is to be open, sincere and honest with a new partner.

3. Halle Berry

Unfortunately, many people who’re going through a bitter divorce prefer to fall into despair and shrink into their own shells. Halle thinks that such reaction to a breakup is a very big mistake because isolation significantly spoils the quality of life and adds stress to an already difficult and tense situation. She wants women to realize that they’re beautiful, free, unique and mature personalities, who can’t be abandoned. Instead of staying cooped up inside four walls and thinking that it’s all over, Halle often attends charity events, because she’s fond of helping people. She admits that good deeds fill her heart with positive energy and help her handle with negativity during the process of breaking up.

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Work on yourself and surmounting psychological barriers are wonderful techniques that make the life of modern people easier, but not everyone can sort themselves out and defuse their deepest fears independently. There’re many other ways how to shift focus from love drama to something else. Taylor Swift knows how to get rid of emotional pain and reach inner peace after a breakup without mind-altering drugs, self-analysis, and expensive psychotherapy. All you’ve to do is plunge into work, so much work that you won’t have even a free minute to think about something bad. She says that a new daily routine, interesting people, active communication, deals, and duties have a positive effect on well-being, make one forget about the ex and put an end to obsessive thoughts. Taylor also points out that it’s crucially important to relax and have fun with friends. The absence of balance between work and rest can be dangerous as well.

No matter how painful breakup can be, you should always pull yourself together and remember that the darkest hour is just before dawn. I hope these pieces of advice will prove you that a breakup isn’t the end of the world, but an important experience that usually opens the door to a new life.

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