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Cressida Bonas Chucks A Page out Of the Kate Middleton Playbook to Retrieve Prince Harry

Cressida Bonas, the 25-year old former dancer who used to date Prince Harry is emulating a different style. After their breakup, Harry took on to the streets of Miami partying and twerking in Memphis. And in reference to US Weekly, he was more than twerking with a “blonde socialite” he hooked up with following a wedding reception.

On Sunday night Bonas, who had earlier appeared gloomy after their breakup was found with a smoothie always in hand-sported a form-fitting, cobalt blue dress for a night out accompanied by Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, Harry’s cousins, who Bonas was in deed friends with prior to dating harry.

Surprisingly, Cressida and Harry engagement was mediated by Eugenie. There are allegations that the group including Beatrice and Eugenie’s boyfriends hit up a London pub and hanged around until 3 a.m.

The Daily Mail speculated that Bonas’s glam night out would appear to be a maneuver out of the Middleton playbook, echoing Kate’s actions when she and William separated for a while when Kate was 25 years old. During that time, March 2007, Kate, in reference to Daily Mail, said “yes” to a slew of invitations and, appearing more in public vibrant and sociable than she was several months before.

Kate and Pippa – who now settled with her sisters—appeared together at a series of upmarket social events. After a few months later, in June 2007, Kate and William reconciled, in an event where Kate attended a party to celebrate the end of William’s military schooling. (Seemingly, the sleek blue dress and diamond earring that Bonas wore on Sunday night reflects a more Middleton-y than pretty much anything she could fit in when in a public function.)

Harry was scheduled to arrive in Estonia on Monday for a three-day tour of Estonia and Italy. And on Monday morning, Harry and Cressida were texting each other.

Harry enquired to know how Cressida spent the previous night. Cressida responded although after two hours saying that she went back to her apartment but indicating that her phone had no charge and was the reason she didn’t respond in time.

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