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Drew Barrymore Loves Motherhood

Blended star Drew Barrymore says she loves being a mother.

Frankie, her second daughter with husband Will Kopelman was born just this April 22, while their first daughter Olive is over one year old. Barrymore believes their daughters will get along great and it will be awesome.

Barrymore believes being a hand-on matter is very important. The 39-year-old actress said she loves the private times she shares with her family. She said she and her family always spends the weekends together.

Having quality time is really important with Drew and husband Will, which is why they don’t have a baby sitter. They took care of their first daughter on their own, and they are excited with how it’s going to work out with the new addition to the family Frankie.

How she feels about her children and being a parent is greatly influenced by her childhood experience of not having a father. Her father was never there for her after her parents split up when she was very young. She said her dad was just not capable of being a father. She was able to accept that fact and she got over it. However, she doesn’t want that to happen to the father of her children. She feels very emotional and frustrated on how people just can’t show up for their children. She doesn’t want her children to experience having parents like her father.

Childhood Experience

Her experience with her father, made her appreciate great fathers like her friend and Blended co-star Adam Sandler who has a wonderful relationship with his daughter, which Drew said is very touching.

With a little bit of father issue, she said looking at how Adam relate to his daughters in the movie affects her and it just breaks her heart.

She said Adam is as sweet to her daughters as the way he portrayed it in the movie Blended.

She also said there is a scene in the movie that she could really relate to. When her kids in the movie had a tantrum, it was so real and funny. Sometimes people think it only happens to them, but tantrums among children are actually quite a normal episode to being a parent, she said.

She loves her family so much, that she even went to culinary school to cook great food for her family. The culinary school she went to was in Napa Valley and she studied cooking there with best friends Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon.


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