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Emily Mortimer Confused with Celebrity Friendship

Emily Mortimer said that it was sickeningly uneventful of their relationship with Dolly Wells where they really liked each other. Dolly is Emily’s lifelong friend and both came up and wrote Doll&Em, the HBO series they co-star. During a screening on Monday, Mortimer said it has always been an unhealthy friendship since the beginning.

Despite of having tried to write together earlier on, this time, they have moved to a new level where they created the concept, produced it, got it in the market, and hired the cast and crew.

Mortimer hired her down-on-her-luck friend as her assistant in the shooting of their show. Mortimer stated that she just thought it as funny and dynamic, adding that she had an idea that actors are generally kind of insecure people, and search for others like them, although don’t want to appear stupid. She reckons it very difficult to be in such a position, thinking it as the source of her confusion.

Well said they were really at no fights which Mortimer concurred despite the fact that both their two husbands participated in the show together with their children. Mortimer’s mother was not left out too.

Mortimer said that her mum came in to help her and Doll during the shooting in L.A. in a rented house where they were all staying together. Mortimer’s mother could pick the kids from schools and also prepare the meals. Mortimer explained that her mother was cooking dinner for her, Dolly and their husbands every night during when they would come and have discussions about their day’s activities.

Mortimer slightly got pissed off at the end of the third week of their four episodes show. Her mother cooked their last dinner on the last night and they enjoyed a kind of wrap party, and when Mortimer came home, she hailed her mother saying that she was amazed that all were having a good time. She couldn’t believe how they got on so well saying that people would think it as one of the job they enjoyed working on and that they felt proud.

Her mum said after a pause, ‘That generally means the thing itself is going to be shit.’ And we were like, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re right. Oh fuck!’ There was the problem—that they all enjoyed it too much that Mortimer laughingly said it had to be “shit”.

Mortimer claimed her mum is quite special and amazing. “She smokes while playing tennis. That’s all you need to know about her,” Mortimer said.

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