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Famous Fashion Pets In Vogue

Some of the most famous fashion icons in Vogue wouldn’t be complete without their pets.

Here are the most popular fashion pets that made it in Vogue with their masters:

  • Delevigne’s Rabbit. Cara Delevigne’s Rabbit can be seen in between her shoots while jet setting all over the world for Cara’s fashion gigs.Cara-Delevingne-Cecil-Vogue-18Jun14-Instagram-CD_b_426x639
  • Beckham’s Pooch. The Beckhams have a pooch named Coco and it is very fabulous with its LA Lakers shirt and party hats.Coco-Beckham-Vogue-18Jun14-Twitter_VB_b_426x639
  • Versace’s Dog. Donatella Versace has an A-list dog named Audrey, whom she named after fabulous Miss Hepburn.donatella-audrey-vogue-19jun14-pa_b_426x639
  • Burns’ Pet Cat. Fran Burns has a cat named Miu Miu. The Vogue fashion designer is always entertained by Miu Miu’s antics.fran-burns-miu-miu-Vogue-18Jun14-Instagram_b_426x639
  • Bundchen’s Dog. Gisele Bundchen’s dog Lua is as pretty as her owner and is quite peaceful.Giseles-dog-vogue-19jun14-instagram-GB_b_426x639
  • Holland’s Dog. Henry Holland’s dog Peggy has always been a faithful friend to him.henry-holland-dog-vogue-15jul14-instagram_b1280_426x639
  • Wu’s Feline Friends. Jinxy and Peaches are designer Jason Wu’s cats, and they are very adorable.Jason-Wu-cats-vogue-19jun14-instagram-jasonwustudio_b_426x639
  • Moss’ Dog. Kate Moss’s pet dog Archie has a rock n’ roll influence into it.kate-moss-archie-vogue-19jun14-rex_b_426x639
  • Lagerfeld’s Cat. Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette has a beauty contract, publishing deal and even 38,000 followers in Twitter.klagerfeld_choupette_v_20dec12_pr_b_426x639_1
  • Palermo’s Fashion Hound. Mr. Butler is Olivia Palermo’s famous titled dog.Olivia-Palermo-dog-Vogue-19June14-Getty_b_426x639
  • Williams’ Dog. David Williams and Lara Stone have a dog named Bert and it is the apple of their eyes. This dog once rocked a little tux during Elton John’s Ball.lara-stone-bert-vogue-19jun14-rex_b_426x639
  • Bailey’s Dog. Laura Bailey’s pet dog Frankie looks elegant and very photogenic in its owner’s instagram posts.Laura-Bailey-Frankie-2-Vogue-18Jun14-Instagram-LB_b_426x639
  • Jacobs’ Pup. Marc Jacobs’ pup Neville has a regular instagram update and is around in fashion shoots and shows.marc-jacobs-neville-vogue-19jun14-pa_b_426x639
  • Bumpus’ Cat. Jessica Bumpus’ cat has an adorable complete name – Aggie Chic Sweet Grace Jones Bumpus.Aggie-Bumpus-vogue-21jul14-andy-bumpus_b_426x639

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