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Five Facts About Prince George You Might Not Know

Prince George Alexander Louis, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, will be a year older on July 22. Yes, time has slipped that fast.

Prince George is the third in line to the throne next to his father and Prince Charles, his grandfather.

As there are things you might not know about the British Royal Family, there may also be things about Prince George that you may not know about.

  • When the Duchess of Cambridge was in labor, there were no flamboyant royal treatment; instead Prince William simply drove her in a low-key minivan with minimal entourage and security from Kensington Palace to Saint Mary’s Hospital.


  • Prince George didn’t spend his first days in the royal palace unlike how it traditionally is.Instead, Prince George stayed at Kate Middleton’s home located at the village of Blackbury. It wasn’t really favourable to the members of the Royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II.   


  • Prince George was baptized at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s palace on October 23, 2013. Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother was laid in that place before her funeral back in 1997. During Prince George’s christening, a photo of Queen Elizabeth, Princes Charles, William and George was taken, which is the first time that the Queen’s three direct heirs were photographed with her since a hundred years ago.


  • Prince George’s nanny was trained at Norland College in England, a top-notch school that specializes in educating nannies. Prince George’s nanny is Maria Teresa, who is Spanish-born and can easily be considered as a “super nanny.” She learned basic child care, defensive driving, and even self-defense in Norland College.


  • Prince George was brought to important events all over the world along with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and he never fails to make a great impression wherever he goes.


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