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Google to Face $100M Lawsuit For Leaked Nude Celeb Photo

Los Angeles lawyer Marty Singer threatened to sue giant search engine Google for $100 million for allegedly “accommodating, facilitating and perpetuating” the distribution of the leaked nude photos of female celebrities.

Singer represents more than a dozen of those female celebrities whose nude photos leaked after their personal iCloud accounts were hacked.

He accuses Google of helping in the distribution of the images because it failed to remove the nude photos from the web giant’s search results.1

Singer’s law firm released a statement saying Google is like NFL allowing abuse and victimization against women.

A letter from the Lavely & Singer law firm reads that Google has turned a blind eye on the issue, just like how NFl turned a blind eye as its player abuse and assault women and children. The law firm refers to NFL’s domestic abuse scandals that became a recent trend online.2

Attorney Marty Singer’s threat against Google comes after leaked intimate photos of female celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, soccer star Hope Solo and Vanessa Hudgens spread online.3

The lawyer did not name any stars that were involved in the legal action that his law firm will take, but he suspects many of their photos are still in Google sites like YouTube and BlogSpot. Four week earlier, he already demanded for the photos to be taken down from the search engine’s sites and results.

A day after the $100 million lawsuit threat, Google responded saying they are doing their best to remove as many private and explicit photos of these female celebrities from their sites and search results as possible.

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