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Hello Kitty Not A Cat – Your Childhood is Ruined

Hello Kitty is not a cat.

Despite looking like an adorable feline and having “Kitty” in her name, Hello Kitty is a little girl, according to its maker, Sanrio.

This shocking revelation was made by University of Hawaii anthropologist and Hello Kitty enthusiast Christine R. Yano in an article published in the LA Times on August 27 on the Japanese American National Museum Kitty paraphernalia retrospective opening in September.

Yano said Sanrio corrected her script for the opening show.7 friend

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character, a little girl, and a friend; but she is not a cat. She walks like a two-legged creature and even sits like one. This little girl has a cat named Charmmy Kitty, Yano said.

Hello Kitty Brief Background7 Kitty

The Japanese company Sanrio introduced the adorable Hello Kitty to the world back in 1974. After that, the cat, err little girl, became an international sensation that elevated her to superstardom.

This little cat has been on countless merchandise, making Sanrio rake in billions of dollars.

Her multitudes of fans still believe that she is cat due to her whiskers, pointy ears and button nose.

Hello Kitty lovers were definitely shocked with this revelation. Even Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda said the revelation is worse that knowing that Pluto is actually not a planet.

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