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Horror: Madonna Allowed to Direct Yet Another Movie

The insane Madonna is set to direct yet another movie. She got a lifetime embarrassment in her movie “W.E”. Those who watched it saw that piece of whatever, the Duchess of Windsor dancing to punk music in front of the Duke’s death bed.

This time round Madonna will be directing a movie based on a novel by Rebecca Walker, the daughter of “Color Purple” author Alice Walker. Madonna will be bringing all her intricacy to the story of “Ade,” as described on Amazon.

Farida, a sophisticated college student, falls in love with a young Swahili man living on an idyllic island off the coast of Kenya, by the name Ade. They both plan to marry and envision a simple life together – devoid of worldly possessions and bothers. However, when Farida contracts malaria and find herself amidst a civil war, they come in face to face with the reality. The couple’s privacy is interrupted by a world in the throes of enormous turmoil that intimidate their relationship, along with all that they value.


This simply means that under the directive of Madonna, there is going to be a hilarious film. It is hard to figure out the kind of a deal is here. At first, Ann Wintour places Kanye and the wife on the cover of Vogue, and now here is this. If the public comes to hear of this, they would start to wonder if everyone has gone insane.

However, this doesn’t mean that Madonna can’t act or direct. On financial grounds, why would anyone go for such silly stuff? She spent over $15 million in her last movie which only made $582,075 in the US and $285,000 across the globe. Even the Britons didn’t find it interesting at all. And now her new movie is set in Africa, setting for Madonna’s hilarious dull documentary “I Am Because We Are”.

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