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Hotel denounced Jay Z, Beyoncé sister video leak

The Standard Hotel in New York City decries the leak of a security video showing Beyoncé’s sister Solange attacking rap mogul Jay Z in an elevator.

The Hotel through a statement told The Associated Press Monday that there was a breach in their security system and that they are very disappointed and shocked about it.

The video was first posted on TMZ last Monday. The website announced that the video was taken last week in one of the elevators of Standard Hotel. The one-minute video posted in TMZ shows Solange attacking Jay Z while Beyoncé was just standing nearby. One of the security personnel intervened and was able to suppress some of the shots thrown by Solange to Jay Z.

Hotels are supposed to provide confidentiality to their customers, and according to the Standard Hotel, the leak was clearly a violation of that responsibility.

The statement released by the hotel reads that they are investigating the issue with utmost urgency and that they will prosecute and discipline the people reasonable with their full responsibility.

TMZ, later on Monday, released a longer three-minute version of the leaked security video. Representatives of Solange, Jay Z and Beyoncé are yet to reply to the emails that seek to get a comment from the stars involved in the controversy.

The security video shows that the Beyoncé, Jay Z and Solange were wearing the outfits they wore during the prestigious Met Gala event that happened last week.

Jay Z and Beyoncé were married in 2008. The couple will start their much anticipated “On the Run Tour” this coming June 25 in Miami.

Solange, who is still 27, performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival recently. Beyoncé joined her on the stage during her performance in that festival to show sibling support.

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