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HOTTEST Superhero stars

They all came from comics books. When these Marvel or DC characters were adapted to the big screen, some of the hottest stars in Hollywood were chosen to play the superheroes.

The acting careers of some stars were boosted as they played the role. There were also superstars whose careers were defined as they play these comic book favourites.

  1. Henry Cavill. Coming in at number one is the Man of Steel himself. Every girl wants to be saved by Superman, just like Lois Lane.Man-of-Steel-Henry-Cavill-as-Superman-HD
  2. Huge Jackman. Wolverine in the comic book is supposed to be a short, animal-like brute. It seems like he mutated into a smouldering hot, facial-haired man in the movies.Hugh_Jackman_Wolverine_ripped_leangains
  3. Chloe Moretz. It is not just about her gorgeous looks as she matured in the second installment of the franchise, but it is Hit Girl’s kick ass attitude that makes her hot.kick_ass_2_hit_girl-1600x900
  4. Chris Pratt. After the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems like this actor was skyrocketed to super “Star-Lord” status.  Star-Lord_from_poster
  5. Anne Hathaway. Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry were pretty hot too, but it was Anne who fit incredibly into that tight leather Catwoman costume. anne-hathaway-as-dark-knight-rises-catwoman-first-look-01
  6. Christ Hemsworth. When Thor is shown half naked in the movie, girls can only say, “Oh my god of thunder!”thor-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-6066
  7. Jennifer Lawrence. This girl is a shape shifter just like Mystique as she effortlessly transforms herself to any role in any movie.Jennifer-Lawrence-as-Mystique-in-2014-X-Men-Wallpaper-1152x864
  8. Robert Downey Jr. As the richest actor in Forbes list for two consecutive years, he could easily be the wealthy playboy that Tony Stark/Iron Man is.iron-man-3-2013-images-photos-0323001028
  9. Christian Bale. Let’s just find out how Ben Affleck will top this guy’s rendition of Batman.the-dark-knight-still
  10. Andrew Garfield. Peter Parker is supposed to be a nerdy loser. But this Spider-Man is just too hot.amazing_spiderman_2012-spider-man-vs-the-amazing-spider-man
  11. Chris Evans. Girls will definitely follow Captain America’s lead.captain-america-2-stylized-imax-poster-and-new-photos1
  12. Scarlett Johansson. The Black Widow fits perfectly in that tight black leather suit, which she probably uses to attract her prey. 220979Blackwidow

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