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Iron Man Star Tops Forbes List Of Highest-Paid Actors – AGAIN

It seems like Tony Stark isn’t the only one making a lot of money. Robert Downey Jr., the actor who plays the role of the billionaire, is making a lot of money himself, topping Forbes’ 2014 list of highest-paid actors. This is the second time in the row that Downey topped the list. Though far from Stark’s net worth, Downey earned a hefty $75 million from June 2013 to June 2014. This was the same amount that placed him in the top spot for the 2013 list.

Iron Man Star

Now, did you notice that he didn’t make any movies this year? Yes, he didn’t star in any movie in that time frame, but was still able to pull off that income. His last film was Iron Man 3 and that was in the time span of the 2013 Forbes highest-paid actors list. He may have starred in Jon Favreau’s indie movie Chef and he may do a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, but these are not the reason for that huge payday.

Downey was paid on the back end of Iron Man 3’s whopping revenue, which was $1.2 billion. Because of that, the money kept rolling in for him. That is an incredible way to earn as a star.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson follows Downey at number 2 with an estimated $52 million. However, The Rock had to do last year’s Pain & Gain, Fast & Furious 6 and this year’s Hercules, which will be on cinemas come July 25.

Now, Robert Downey Jr. will be starring for the Avengers sequel Age of Ultron. He earned somewhere between $50 and $80 million in the first Avengers. Now, he is negotiating for a far bigger pay check for the sequel. You can only imagine how much he’s going to earn.

Here is a quick look at this year’s Forbes list of highest-paid actors:

  1. Robert Downey Jr. – $75 million
  2. Dwayen Johnson – $52 million
  3. Bradley Cooper – $46 million
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio – $39 million
  5. Chris Hemsworth – $37 million
  6. Liam Neeson – $36 million
  7. Ben Affleck – $35 million
  8. Christian Bale – $35 million
  9. Will Smith – $32 million
  10. Mark Wahlberg – $32 million

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