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Joan Rivers Dies After Medically Induced Coma

1. COVERJoan Rivers died at the age of 81 Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital after being in medically induced coma during a vocal cord surgery at Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic.

Veteran comedian Joan Rivers’ daughter has her fingers crossed for her mom’s waking up process which started last Sunday after being in medically induced coma during a failed vocal cord surgery in New York City on August 28.

However, the waking up process for the comedian didn’t work and she died peacefully at about 1:17 PM Thursday. The funeral will be held at Manhattan’s Temple Emanu-El on Suinday.1 joan rivers

Eying Lawsuit

When her mother was still in coma, Melissa Rivers was concerned that her mother’s motor skills might be greatly affected, which might leave her as a vegetable or in a wheelchair, which is why the family is eying to file a lawsuit against the people who are responsible.


After she was medically induced at Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic, she was brought to Mount Sinai Hospital.

According to sources, the waking up process for the 81-year-old comedian lasted until Tuesday, September 2.

Melissa took time last Friday to thank the fans who supported her mother and was touched by the prayers and the tributes she received.


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