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Juan Pablo Fantasy Suites Ahead Finales

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Last Updated: Dec 1, 2016

The long anticipated journey of watching Juan Pablo is finally coming to an end ahead of next week’s Most Dramatic Finale Ever as women are let to speak out this week.

Here is what happened as the women shared:

Biggest TMI: Prior to women expressing their views about Juan Pablo, Chris Harrison thought that the world was yet to hear enough of The Bachelor lone success story: Christine and Sean. Chris first interviewed the newly wed couple of their wedding first night’s experiences. Sean didn’t blink when Christine disclosed to the world that their first night was full of fireworks.

Since that wasn’t humbling enough, Sean voluntarily talked of stingray latching on his private parts during the honeymoon, and it wasn’t euphemism.

Next to be introduced by Chris Harrison was a special couple to be married Miss Piggie and Kermit whom were interviewed about their relationship and their forthcoming marriage.

First Night Impression

The women concurs that it was lust at first sight with Juan Pablo and everyone liked his accent as well as the looks. What sounded negative is Kelly’s revelation that his dog hated her from Day One. Perhaps Molly got a present.

Second Impression

Speaking for the group, Danielle said that the conversation didn’t go in to details. All the women agreed saying that the conversation was shallow and had some floaties. He never asked much about the women and when he did, their responses fell in his deaf ears.

One woman said that Juan Pablo once asked her where she thought would be in the next five years and on the next date, she was asked about her expectations in three years. No woman seemed to enjoy Pablo’s constantly changing rules. He would kiss a woman in the respect of his daughter, and then kiss another woman who came along. And put it that whereas Juan Pablo was looking for a girlfriend, the women were searching for a husband.

Big Secret

Andi and Kat had no idea that at one time, their roommate, Clare, sneaked out of their room to go for a dip n’ tryst with Juan Pablo. They thought it was a bold move and most envied if the idea could have come up in their mind first.

Sharleen’s Interview

Chris Harrison told Sharleen that they have never heard such an intriguing and emotional person on the show like her adding that the trip on the roller coaster was so intense. She covered her eyes as her clip while making out with Pablo was played.

Reene’s Interview

Reene’s reactions served as a reminder that she is a single mother as she couldn’t admit that she had fallen in love with Juan Pablo but said that she had such feelings. Juan admitted that he respected her child too much to kiss her in front of the cameras. He added that he never intended to make out with a single mum not unless if she looked like the NBA star Cassandra.

Andi’s Interview

Andi said that she didn’t like how Juan Pablo was negative, how he only talked about himself, how he made her feel cheap because he couldn’t filter his words. She added that Pablo was neither interesting nor smart claiming that she did a whole fake sleep for the date to get over and done. She simply put it that Juan thought he was a good bachelor.

Juan Pablo’s Debrief

Juan came and announced that he was always honest and that it always hurt. Shooting a side-eye at Andi, he said “ees okay”. Juan added that his role on the show was not kiss 27 women but around 15. He said that he tried to be fair but respectful as well.

So, Who Wins?

There is an evenly great split among women on who is going to win Juan Pablo’s heart. The battle is between Clare and Nikki for the Neil Lane diamond ring. The women reported that either between the two finalists can win the game.

Next Week’s Finals

The long awaited conclusion on who wins Juan Pablo is coming to a conclusion next week. Regardless of whatever comes up, Chris Harrison made an assurance that he has never seen such an ending, and thus we can assume that the season was Bob Newhart’s horrendous dream.

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