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Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston Kiss at Emmys

Julia Louis-Dreyfus got a torrid kiss from Heisenberg himself.

Louis-Dreyfus won for the third consecutive time an Emmys for lead actress in comedy series for her role in HBO’s Veep.mb-emmys6-20140826112042458668-620x349

After receiving the award, Breaking Bad lead star Bryan Cranston gave her an open-mouth, full kiss, which could easily be the defining moment of this year’s Emmys.

Seinfeld Nostalgia

Earlier, Cranston joked about how he played the love interest of Louis-Dreyfus in Seinfeld. The truth is Cranston was just a guest star for the show. Louis-Dreyfus returned the joke saying she couldn’t remember that episode.byran-cranston-julia-louise-dreyfus-kiss-emmys-ftr

That remark probably provoked the star that played Walter White to give Louis-Dreyfus an unforgettable 11-second kiss.

Careful Planning

Louis-Dreyfus said she and Cranston talked over the phone before the event about how they were going to present the portion. She came up with the idea of having that kiss. She asked her husband and Cranston asked his wife and they were ok with it. She couldn’t have won because the competition was very stiff, she said.bryanjulia26f-1-web

She gave the actor a seal of approval to show that Cranston passed as a kisser. She said, she appreciates that Bryan Cranston went for it (the kiss).

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