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Justine Comes Up With Celebrity Style

Aimed at young women, MissCelebStyle will be offering glamorous celebrity style at cheap prices.
Justine Gordon, a new entrepreneur has come up with a combination of her love for beauty and fashion to start a new online fashion store named MissCelebStyle.

From a young age, Justine has not only been ambitious, but has also been running several successful businesses including beauty salon Sundays in Prestwich and has always wanted to combine her talent to initiate an online one-stop clothes store for girls who love partying.

Eventually she created MissCelebStyle, which contains party dresses from its ‘Party with Passion’ and ‘Little Black Dresses’ collection with dresses as cheap as $12.99.

Along with the label comes a premium range – ‘MissCelebStyle Boutique’, together with its ‘Bring in Your Style’ range, featuring more casual wear, such as jeans, jackets, jumpers, shirts, skirts, and sleepwear.

Aware of a competitive market on the internet, Gordon decided to create a brand depending on the customer’s needs.
She said that fashion and beauty go hand in hand and over years, she has listened to what her clients want, looked at their style, their behavior, the media they consume, and has designed a website, reflecting current trends and styles that are easy to use and simple for the shoppers to find.

Gordon is planning to extend the core range after every six weeks with new collections uploaded on the site.
Collections for spring/summer 2015 comprise of jumpsuits, seasonal cut-out dresses, ‘two-pieces’ – crop tops and pencil skirts as well as mesh bandage dresses.

Gordon, who unfortunately lost her husband 10 years ago, has always being interested in business and her career has been a lengthy one, following her first company at the age of 20, as well as running a tanning business and beauty salon, Sundays, which will be marking its 11th anniversary in business in coming days.

She said that she wanted to build an online store where girls can keep up to date with the latest fashion and create a celebrity style at affordable prices.

Adding there was a constant fixation on celebs and with the huge party scene in Manchester, she said girls want to look good and step out in a new dress whenever they go out.

Gordon said that they specialize in the bodycon and bandage dresses and their prices are varied to suit everyone’s budget.

Saying that Manchester is home to fashion and design, Justine added that she was delighted to have launched the online store, which sits alongside top innovative fashion houses.

She is hopeful to see everyone from girls to students to celebs wearing dresses from her online store and she is looking forward to see the brands grow and develop over the next one year, she said.

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