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Keeping up with the Kardashian’s Jenner sisters steal show in MuchMusic Video Awards

Kendall and Kylie Jenner commanded everyone’s attention during the MuchMusic Video Awards for their entrancing outfits.

Everyone during the event was talking about the girls’ style, which is a combination of what they’ve learned from their popular Kardashian older sisters and from their latest photo campaigns.

The Jenner sisters, who were the hosts of the Toronto event, dominated the red carpet for their captivating ensembles that made the aspiring models look more mature than their age.

However, among the pair, it was Kendall who wore a more daring outfit. She just had her debut modelling performance in the Vogue Paris event, which made it easy for her to rock the Fausto Puglisi gown that has leg slits from both sides that ridiculously came up close to her waist. It was an Angelina Jolie look, but twice as much.

Meanwhile, her 16-year-old sister could not be outdone with a mini mood feel to her overall outfit.

Kim Kardashian is definitely proud of her little sisters growing up to be head turners like her. Recently, she gained much attention with what she wore at Bonaroo this weekend.

The pair also made outfit changes as they hosted the event. Kendall wore strapless peplum top, while Kylie wore a revealing open front top.

They also changed to curvy hugging dresses, with Kendall on a python print frock that reaches up to the knee with cuts on the side.

Their outfits may have stolen the show, but their emceeing garnered mixed reactions. Just like the Kardashians, people either love them or hate them. There was no Billboard Music Awards fiasco though, so it seems like it went well for the sisters.

Besides their outfit and their emceeing, another noteworthy event for the girls is their book signing in L.A. with a sci-fi book the sisters wrote.

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