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Kelly Brook Reveals Her Travel Beauty Secrets for Fans

English Model and actress Kelly Brook reveals her travel fashion and beauty secrets including how to get good look on the go.

Kelly needs to travel frequently and she admits that the constant het-setting easily take a toll on her beauty routine. The brunette beauty reveals that simply drinking water and using some moisturizer from drugstore helps her to maintain clear complexion.

Brook suggests her fans to drink plenty of water for hydration and also get enough sleep. Further, she reveals that her favorite go-to-product is E45 Dermatological Cream.

E45 Dermatological Cream 350g

The 34 year old admits that she also slather on Yonka’s Age Defense Serum. She also shared some secrets about her favorite makeup products. She emphasized how much she loves to contour her cheeks for creating a golden glow.

yonka serum large

She ensures to take out some time for relaxation with massage or facial. She believes facial and massage are great for the skin and understands the importance to get some time for self. She loves wearing her all-time favorite mascara YSL volumizing mascara. She further reveals about using her own Kelly Brook Beauty Nail Polish.

Kelly explained that she is a huge fan of Tom Ford’s makeup line as it offers a bronzer with a contour brush. She’s a huge fan of Chanel Vitalumiere, as it helps enhance her complexion. She mentions that she is never without Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Milk Fast Tan Optimizer.

Lancaster Sun Care Sun Delicate Soothing Milk SPF 50

Kelly confesses that her constant traveling provoked her to change her wardrobe as well. So, now she has started to adapt to the laid-back Californian lifestyle.

According to her, the current style is very LA casual and she’s been buying lot of pieces from Lululemon. Additonally, she also loves New Look as it makes her happy when people praise her for the designs.

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