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Sexy Mama Kim Kardashian Knows How Significant Social Media Is For Her Career

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Last Updated: Dec 28, 2017

First and foremost, Kim Kardashian West is known to be a business woman. She is known from her humble roots while keeping up with the Kardishians and she is currently in her 10th season on E.

Kim Kardashian has built successful career with many attributes of a wealthy person’s lifestyle success story. She is also known for her popular mobile game (where people claim to be famous).

Her official app (here she is seen to be famous). There are also Kim Ok. fragrances, Kimojis and contour kits.

Kim On Social Media

She loves interacting with her fans online as this helps her have relationship with some people across the world and she loves their feedbacks.

She uses it also as advertising tool. Social media has played an important role her successful career. Her impact is real as she influences many people.

Featuring her in your products or partnering with her has direct increase in purchases. This implies that she has followers.

Kim Kardashian Lumee Phone

This is supported by the fact that Allan Shoemake, LuMee founder advised fashionita to partner with her in advertising the company’s selfie lighting telephone.

This was during the year 2016 and it was realized that the corporate of the product bought double in just one month as it was compared with what they had purchased in during the entire year of 2015. It was a great deal and therefore, Kim impact is real.

About Her Mainly Used Kimoji

Kim has cited that it has come to her attention that there are many birthdays in her family. This fact motivated her to come with this Kimoji to send to someone having birthday.

This Kimoji is her blowing out a cake as well as saying blissful birthday. She admits that she loves this new mom as she looks funny. She sends it to everyone for a wonderful birthday.

Kim On Mobile Apps

She has a mobile project that she is working on currently. She is the spokesperson on this new fashion app known as ScreenShop.

As an adopter as well as advisor on this app, she explains that its users plug instagram Kim or models, screenshots photos of friends and this app will breakdown the outfit by its piece to suggest same items from the participating clothing retailers for you.

It is known that many apps have launched similar apps in recent years. They had similar concepts and Kate Bosworth app was among them.

However, these apps are no longer accessible for download. Fortunately, Kim app is downloadable and it helps you get the style that you want.

Kim On Mobile Apps

Through an interview via phone with Kim about her life online, love for 90’s style and mobile business, she had the following comments:

  • She had great partnership in ScreenShop. She has invested in it and she has a say about it. She admits that the app has grown and evolved over the short period that she has been working together with her partners.
    The app was developed by competent team from Israel as they have best technology for this groundbreaking app as there is no one that has done this before. She is excited to the fact that people are using this app and have instantly the digital fashion store which they can buy the outfit that they desire.
  • She boldly said that she was a partner since its start and she is grateful to the team who they started off with its first concept.
  • On her decision making process on the considerations when launching her own app, she said that finding right partners is key. You should find people who you would like to spend time with as it is known to be time consuming. The team that you choose also should be innovative to come up with creative ideas.
  • She said that she had used the app on some of its outfits which she finds to be fun. She follows 90’s instagram account to find something similar and she found simple and cool outfits.
Kim Kardashians

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Kim Kardashian West is a famous business woman. She is known and followed by many people. Her lifestyle inspires many people and this is shown on the impact that she brings in a company when she is featured in advertising.

She has invested in apps and she is happy about it. She has created Kimoji for birthday. The ScreenShop helps people find a fashion store to help the find the desired fashion.

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