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Kim Kardashian Posts Image of Incredibly Tiny Waist After Losing Weight

After giving birth to her beautiful girl, North, last year, she has been open about wanting to lose weight. Yes, she has that beautiful hourglass figure, but after gaining some weight from her pregnancy, she posted a picture on Instagram on August 21 showing off her super tight trainer.kim-kardashian-hourglass-figure-lead

She gets help to achieve that super tiny waist after all. She is very candid posting an image of her wearing a super tight corset in a mirror picture she took. The corset she is wearing in the picture is a Whats A Waist device that sells for $143.50 retail price. It can reduce your waistlines down to seven inches slimmer. It can even make your body shape better.

Kim has several strict regimens that she follows to lose weight and for the past two weeks, she already lost 7 pounds. Besides dieting and intense exercise, it seems the waist trainer is her secret weapon.

Whats A Waist can easily pay her big money in different ways, but if she is candidly promoting the product, it could be that it really works. People are using the waist training for a long time, and you can hop in to this craze if you think Kim is doing great with it.

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