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Lady Gaga’s Bizarre Fashion Statements

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga’s show at the Toyota Center, as usual her costumes was so bizarre that never fail to make a lasting impression. We have collected some weirdest outfit choices that are worth remembering.

1. Bowling Angel
In this outfit, she gets strike another angel that gets its wings.


2. Toilet Paper Chic
This dress is just a waste of paper to flush used toilet paper. Lady Gaga has clearly found a good use for her pee tickets.


3. Terminator Does Fashion
Gaga debuting the new look for a Terminator robots. Now, they can look wonderful while destroying things.

960x540 (2)

4. Everything and Nothing
It shows it is possible to wear so many dreadful things without wearing a shirt.

Lady Gaga Sightings In London - December 8, 2013

5. Escaped Peacock
The zoo has spent limitless hours for searching all-black peacock. They finally get it in the middle of a road which looks stunning.


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