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Lewinsky inspires Internet humiliation victims

Monica Lewinsky embarks on a noble journey to use her dark controversial past as a medium to lighten up the lives of people, who like her, have experienced Internet humiliation.

After 10 long years, Monica Lewinsky pens her thoughts about her controversial affair with ex-US President Bill Clinton.

She expressed her feelings through an essay published in Vanity Fair, which will be released on May 13. In the essay, she writes that she deeply regret what happened between her and the former president.

The essay was more about letting go of the horrible past and move forward to a higher state in life. It is her brave move to finally come out of the shadows of the headlining controversy that she got involved with in the past.

One of the major motivational factors that prompted Lewinsky to stick her head out in the open after being silent for a long time was the suicide of 18-year-old freshman Tyler Clementi. Clementi is an LGBT youth who committed suicide by jumping over the George Washington Bridge September 22, 2010 after a video of him kissing another man went viral on the Internet.

Lewinsky said her suffering has a different meaning compared to what happened to Clementi. What she aims with her coming out of the darkness is to shed light on other people who have dark episodes of humiliation in their lives. This way her dark past will have a good purpose, she said.

Just like Clementi, the Internet fired Lewisnky’s scandal. Her controversial affair with Clinton was spread via cyber space. Now she is involved in efforts to help victims of online bullying and humiliation. She speaks in forums about this topic to help people who have experienced the same online humiliation as her.

Despite the controversy, Lewinsky admitted that what happened between her and the former president was consensual and it was the embarrassment right after that caused the pain and suffering in her life.

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