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Lindsay Lohan’s Confession: The Sex List Is Real Deal

Shocker! Or not.

Lindsay Lohan admits she wrote the now infamous sex list herself.

The sex list, which surfaced on In Touch magazine last March 24, 2014 has raised panic over Hollywood, or so as the tabloids would put it.

Lindsay Lohan

That’s because of the fact that 36 guys including Justin Timberlake, Zack Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell, Jamie Dornan, and James Franco to name a few, were included in that list. It has stirred public interest because it was just too scandalous even before it was proven real.

Weeks passed and the sex list, which was supposedly expected to disturb peaceful Hollywood relationships from the likes of Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel, was created only to add up to the bad reputation of the troubled actress according to fans.

Now, the embattled starlet comes out and lifted the fog herself by admitting she really made the list.

In a statement released on her reality TV show, Lindsay Lohan said it was humiliating, unfortunate, and disrespectful because of the fact that it was not intended for public consumption.

Contrary to previous theories that it’s a list made while Lohan was with her friends at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the starlet said it was created for her fifth and eight steps in AA, the admitting one’s wrongs and the making a list of all who one has harmed steps, while she was in rehab in an effort to straighten her life.

In Touch magazine published the first half and second half on separate dates making it more humiliating for the Mean Girls actress.

Lohan said the list was private to her sponsor but someone took a picture of it while she was moving out of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

She said it was “mean” and “desperate” for someone to do that and she was more concerned about the people involved that are in relationships right now more than she is of herself.

Another shocking confession

On the same episode on Lohan’s reality TV show, she admits that while taping, she had a miscarriage. She said no one knows about it. She explains her lack of energy to even move because it was too physically painful; she was sick and the whole thing messed with her head. That’s she took off for two weeks.

While she didn’t say who the father was, she did say that she is in a good place right now and she didn’t want to mess that up.


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