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Miley Cyrus is Still Sick and Postpones the Bangerz Tour

The conservative and the disapproving American people may have a reason to celebrate, for now, thanks to the “extreme allergic reaction to an antibiotic” the Wrecking Ball crooner, Miley Cyrus, acquired while on her Bangerz tour.

As a result, the pop star and the rest of her team were forced to postpone, not cancel the remainders of her much controversial tour on American soil.

This is according to her representative who released an official statement last Thursday to finally end some poor gossips surrounding the singer’s real cause of illness.

Miley Cyrus is Sick

Official statement

According to the statement, the singer will need more time to rest and to recover from the ailment that brought her to the Kansas City hospital. It was the call made by her doctors. The singer is on medical rest because she’s suffering from a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic called Cephalexin. An extreme reaction could last from five to 27 days.

Earlier this month, Miley also cancelled her show in North Carolina because of a flu she caught. Fans speculated it was due to the death of Floyd, her beloved dog. It was because of that flu that made her take antibiotics, which now led to her poor health status.

Rescheduled shows

Miley has six rescheduled shows in the US. The shows on North Carolina, Kansas City, Saint Louis, New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut, were moved in August 01 to August 14. The new dates also included Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Fans can get ticket refunds, or, as the pop star’s website has published, existing tickets will be honored on the new dates.

The singer is apparently not too sick to Tweet as she profusely expressed her disappointment on Twitter saying, she is as heartbroken as her fans in Kansas and that she “badly” wanted to perform. She said her situation is not making her feel any better.

MIley Cyrus on tour

Different Miley on tour

Conservative groups have constantly expressed their disapproval over the pop star’s version of performance, as it is too provocative for young kids.

Although Miley Cyrus is 21 year old, she still has fans from the 912 year old group category. This has caused major anxiety on parents who have kids glorifying Miley Cyrus and her music.

Some parent has called her show a “porn show” and marched out of it from the Canada leg of the tour.

The pop star, however, has been asking people to open their minds, as it is only art.

The European leg of the Bangerz Tour will go on as scheduled.

Source : http://edition.cnn.com/2014/04/18/showbiz/miley-cyrus-hospitalized/

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