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Newly crowned Miss USA facing controversy

Over 150 beautiful young women competed for the crown of Miss USA 2014 but only one was announced the winner.

Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez took home the glory of the Miss USA 2014 crown.  However, as fresh as the young woman is in her win, a controversy just hit the new reigning queen.

According to reports, Miss Nevada has switched states in order to win the title.

A source to Fox News has claimed Miss Nevada has represented Miss California for three consecutive years since 2010 and each time failed to win the coveted title.

Now people have been asking just how close Miss Sanchez is in residence to the State of Nevada.

The source also claimed Sanchez doesn’t actually live in Nevada. The crowned beauty queen just complied the minimum residency requirements.

According to the source, Miss Sanchez continues to work at Disney California and continues to live there. The pageant’s Nevada director, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler (1995), allegedly personally coached Miss Sanchez and told the beauty queen what to do and what paper trails to set in order to qualify in Nevada.

Sanchez, however, told Fox411 in an interview that Moakler helped her just like she helped any other contestants who joined the pageant. She also rebuffed the claim that she only set paper trails to make it appear she lives in Nevada.

According to Sanchez, she’s been living in Las Vegas for 18 months, more than the 6 months requirement. She calls Las Vegas her home and she has a house there with a friend.

Regarding the “help” she gets, Sanchez said she’s been working with an agent who helped her decide to work in Nevada and look into its pageant program. Sanchez said she liked the director, the state, and how it runs the pageant in a very healthy way that’s why she joined.

Sanchez says she followed everything by the books and insisted she didn’t violate any pageant rule.

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