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North West and “Kidchella” on 1st Birthday

Kim Kardashian- West and Kanye West, flamboyant as they are, went over the top for their daughter North West’s first birthday with a Coachella-themed party called “Kidchella.” The party was very big for a little girl complete with face-painting and her very own Ferris’ wheel. The party also had a big bouncy house for the children, food stands, churros, funnel cake, snow cones, and cotton candy.

The big time birthday bash was held at Kourtney’s enormous backyard last Saturday, June 21. Baby North, however, wasn’t born in the 21st; she turned one year old on June 15, which was Father’s Day.

The party looked like California’s yearly Coachella music festival. It has a stage where people could lip sync to popular hit songs. Since this is a kid’s birthday party, it was called “Kidchella.”

There were countless videos and photos online posted by the Kardashian family taken from the wonderful birthday party. One video shared by Kris Jenner shows amazing performances by Kendall and Kylie Jenner singing to West’s “Good Life,” and Rihanna’s “We Found Love.”

To stay true to the Kidchella theme, families, friends, and guests were required to dress up in festival outfit. Kylie wore a denim dress and a gauzy poncho. Kendall wore shorts with floral design with grey T-shirt for the top.

Khloe pulled off a Native American look with a headdress that made her look like an Apache chieftain. A lot of people didn’t like this get up though. In her Instagram post a lot of people ranted that what she wore was offensive to the Native American culture.

It seems like that was the only controversy in that party, which is quite surprising considering that the Kardashian is very prone to controversies.

Besides people ranting about Khloe’s headdress, overall, the adorable North’s Kidchella was very successful.

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