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  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    Celebrities Who Date Their Friend’s Ex

    Moving on after a broken relationship doesn’t get any easier especially if one of your friends are now dating your ex. To every part in the world, that’s a friendship code no one should ever break. However, it is... Read More

  • National Lipstick Day Celebration

    Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    National Lipstick Day Celebration With Your Favorite Celebs!

    Hey Girls, did you miss celebrating the National Lipstick Day on July 29? Worry not for here we bring in to you some rocking red lipstick look of your favorite celebs. A red lip can transform any boring or... Read More

  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    HOTTEST Superhero stars

    They all came from comics books. When these Marvel or DC characters were adapted to the big screen, some of the hottest stars in Hollywood were chosen to play the superheroes. The acting careers of some stars were boosted... Read More

  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    Famous Fashion Pets In Vogue

    Some of the most famous fashion icons in Vogue wouldn’t be complete without their pets. Here are the most popular fashion pets that made it in Vogue with their masters: Delevigne’s Rabbit. Cara Delevigne’s Rabbit can be seen in... Read More

  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Photobombs Hockey Players

    You’ve seen Pope Francis and President Barrack Obama posing for a selfie or wackily posing for a picture, although not with each other, but with younger people, therefore appealing to the general public and gaining much of this generation’s... Read More

  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    How To Beat City Heat Supermodel Style

    It is summer once again in the city and the temperature is sweltering hot. But hot supermodels like Kate Upton, Lily Aldridge, and Miranda Kerr, know how to stay cool during summer in New York. Here’s how: Lily Aldridge... Read More

  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    Batman Day Celebration — Things You Don’t Know About the Caped Crusader

    DC Comics named July 23 as the official Batman day, and this year marks its 75th anniversary. The caped crusader first appeared in the Detective Comics #27 way back 1939. To celebrate Batman Day, here are incredible facts you... Read More

  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    British Films at Toronto Film Festivals

    This year’s Toronto Film Festival will hold the premiers of three major British films. The Theory of Everything will have its gala premier at this year’s TIFF. The film is a biopic of the celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking, who... Read More

  • Mind On Depression

    Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    Success Stories That Will Change Your Mind On Depression

    Over 350 million people experience depression. You might be suffering from it and you might be losing hope right now. But there are people who became successful even while suffering from depression. They have proven that you can allow... Read More

  • Celebrity News - Latest Gossip, Photos & Videos

    Iron Man Star Tops Forbes List Of Highest-Paid Actors – AGAIN

    It seems like Tony Stark isn’t the only one making a lot of money. Robert Downey Jr., the actor who plays the role of the billionaire, is making a lot of money himself, topping Forbes’ 2014 list of highest-paid... Read More


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