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Pamela Anderson reveals being sexually abused as a child

Pamela Anderson revealed last Friday that she was sexually abused as a child since age 6.

The former “Baywatch” actress admitted it during her animal rights charity The Pamela Anderson Foundation launch at France’s Cannes Film Festival.

She posted on her personal blog that she feels now is the best moment to reveal some of the most painful memories in her life.

She grew up with her “loving parents” in British Columbia, Canada. Despite this, she had a very rough childhood. She said she was molested by her female babysitter from the age of 6 until she turned 10. At the young age of 12, she also said she was raped by the brother of her friend’s boyfriend, who was already 25 years old at the time.

She said the man offered to teach her backgammon, which escalated to a back massage and eventually turned into rape. It was very coincidental that the Cannes event where she revealed being sexually abused was a backgammon tournament.

These experiences made it difficult for her to trust humans, and she said she just wanted to get off this Earth.

There are some parents who find sexual abuse a taboo subject. Even though her parents tried their best to keep her safe, her parents weren’t always there all the time with her mother working two jobs as a waitress. She said, the world just wasn’t a safe place.

She always saw her mom heartbroken and crying, which is why she never told her about the rape and the molestation because she doesn’t want to cause her mother any more heartbreaks.

Now at the age of 46, Anderson said she was saved by her love for animals. This is why she put up the foundation to protect the animals.

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