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Paul Walker’s Brothers Ready to Work on Fast 7

Paul Walker’s brothers arrive on set of Fast 7 to continue the work of the late actor.

Caleb, 36, and Cody, 25, Walker were spotted chatting with actor Vin Diesel on the set of Fast and Furious 7 in Dubai. Diesel posted in his Facebook page the photo with Paul’s brothers who will be filling small gaps in the movie production. Universal Pictures enlisted the siblings after the tragic death of Paul Walker last November 30, 2014 at the age of 40. Paul’s brothers will be body doubles and will also provide some dialogues.

The actor’s death caused major changes to the film’s plot resulting to the halt of the film production wherein some script tweaking from the director, the scriptwriter, and the studio were needed. According to reports, Paul Walker’s character in the franchise won’t die, but retire.

The movie that was launched in 2001 for a budget of $38 million has earned over $100 million worldwide.

That’s because of the warm reception of fans to the tandem of the late actor with Vin Diesel.

Over Paul Walkers death, fans have worried about how the franchise would continue especially that his character, Brian O’Connor, is one of the movie’s major characters.

Diesel, who plays the character Dominic Toretto in the movie, praised the Walker’s father saying that after meeting Paul’s brothers, he could really say that their father raised great kids.

The photo that Diesel posted is said to be taken in Abu Dhabi, which is where some of the final scenes of the movie are filmed

Diesel’s co-actor, Tyrese Gibson also posted in his Facebook page something about Walker’s brothers. He said, with Walker’s brothers on the set, they felt like Paul was still there with them.

It was reported that director James Wan and the rest of the production team would finish the film using visual effects and body doubles. And who would be the better body doubles for Paul Walker than his brothers?

Universal Studios revealed in a statement that Caleb and Cody Walker are helping them finish the movie by filling in some small action gaps remaining in the production. They have a lot of physical similarities, which would help make the effects less difficult to do. To find out how it would look, it would be best to anticipate the movie, which will be released on April 10, 2015.

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