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Pregnant Kimberly Walsh Crying Tears of Joy

Kimberly Walsh could barely wait to share the news of her impending “mommy-hood” with the world. She even publicly announced her pregnancy via Twitter. The 32 year old entertainer is happily stepping out on this exciting new journey with her 31 year old partner of 10 years, Justin Scott. The pregnancy was first confirmed more than 2 months ago which gave Walsh and Scott another joyful reason to celebrate this New Year’s holiday.

OK magazine was recently granted an exclusive interview with the Girls Aloud star. In this interview Kimberly admitted that she “burst into tears” while her first ultrasound was being performed. She explained that this was the moment when the pregnancy became a reality in her eyes and the emotions were overwhelming. Although she underwent a fetal ultrasound the expectant mom declined to be told if the baby is a boy or a girl.

The happy couple wants to experience the thrill of gender discovery at the moment the infant arrives. This gives them several more months to wait and wonder and it only adds more excitement to the upcoming delivery date. With these two as the parents it is obvious that the baby will be loved and cherished. Kimberly Walsh and Justin Scott have delighted the public with this announcement and fans are just as eager to send their own good wishes to the couple in return.

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