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Prince Harry Recalls Mother’s Death During Brazil Trip

Forever notorious bachelor Prince Harry reveals he shed tears as two girls from Sao Paulo reminded him of his personal loss.

Prince Harry visited a British-run project called Acer- the Association for Support of Children at Risk, which is located just outside Sao Paulo. This project helps orphans reunite with their relatives after losing both parents.

The Prince who rarely talks about the death of his famous mother Princess Diana sheds light on how he suffered when he learned about the tragic news in 1997.

Although he admits he doesn’t show emotions in public, he said he was touched and amazed to hear the stories of the young orphaned children prompting him to relate his own personal tragedy to theirs.

The Prince said he was in complete shock and was overwhelmed the first time he heard the news of his mothers tragic passing. The young Prince was 12 when Princess Diana’s fatal crash happened.

According to an interview, Prince Harry shed tears partly because he understood the loss of young Karin who is 8 and Carolina who is 9 when both lost their parents to drugs and violence.

He said he wants to give them a bit of understanding that he too really knows what they’re going through. He even said he wanted to share his experience but that there’s no point as “it’s so far removed.”

He lauds the girls’ bravery but said it’s ridiculous for him to tell them they’re ‘lucky’ and ‘fortunate’ because the truth is, they’re far from that. He also congratulated the local organizations for succeeding in uniting the orphans to their extended family members.

He said he’s happy because the happy faces of the kids show a very positive impact that their community has on them.

Prince Harry said meeting the kids was both very special and unforgettable.

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