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Sofia Vergara Blasted For Sexism In Emmys Skit

Sofia Vergara is in a heated controversy for alleged sexist remark and for objectifying women in her Emmy Awards stunt Monday night where she was placed on a pedestal that rotates just to show how beautiful the 42-year-old Modern Family star looks.vergara169-408x264

While she was rotating on the pedestal, Television Academy chairman Bruce Rosenblum made a boring speech, which ended with, “what truly matters is that we never forget that out success is based on always giving the viewer something compelling to watch.”1409035435698.jpg-620x349

That skit was slammed on various social media platforms because people saw it as sexism and a blatant act of objectifying women. There were plenty of remarks in Twitter bashing the act. The tweets were quite hateful, clearly showing that a lot of people were offended.Sophia-Vergara-Emmys-Sexist

After the show, Vergara defended the skit saying it was the opposite of sexism and objectification of women, because it means a person can be hot and funny at the same time. She even said the issue is ridiculous and whoever started it has no sense of humor. She said she thinks she knows who started the issue and that person should lighten up.

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