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Speed up to 94 mph Crash Killed Paul Walker

The “Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas were cruising at 94 mph in a 45 mph lane in a Porsche with two 9-year-old tires when their vehicle lost control hitting a light pole and lost their lives immediately after their car burst in to flames, in reference to a new investigation of the November accident.

Investigators with the California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department made the conclusion that the Nov. 30 accident was not due to a mechanical problem, according to the sheriff’s department findings published on Tuesday.

Using post-crash calculations, accident reconstruction specialists with Highway Patrol trusted Rodas was driving his 2005 Porsche Carrera GT at a speed between 81 mph and 94 mph, according to their investigative report. However, there were no comments from the CHP.

In December, the associated press reported that it didn’t find any evidence to link the accident with mechanical problem and also ruled out debris or other roadway conditions.

Afterwards, Porsche sent a team of engineers to California to investigate the rare wreckage of the car. Despite of its mangled and burned condition, the team was in a position to conduct a thorough review. They established there were no problems with the car’s electrical systems, brake, throttle, fuel system, suspension, steering, or other structures.

In a written statement, Porsche said that the results of investigation based on the available evidence indicated that the crash was as a result of dangerous driving at speed too much high of the road on question.

The “yaw” mark that one of the car’s tire left on the lane in an area around the industrial office parks in Santa Clarita, about 30 miles northeast of downtown LA,  is what the Porsche drew their conclusion from. Witness said that the car could have been travelling at 100 mph.

Some of the car’s conditions included:

  • The left front left and right rear tires were about 9 years old; with the report indicating that the drivability could have been compromised.
  • There were some modifications in its original exhaust which enabled it to drive faster.

Walker, 40, and Rodas, 38, appeared to have taken a quick ride on a clear afternoon from fundraiser benefiting Reach Out Worldwide, a Walker charity that give first-response support to victims of natural disasters. The accident took place near the fundraiser, with astonished friends rushing to the scene.

Autopsies established that none of the occupants had taken alcohol or drugs. Evidence by investigators and sheriff’s department showed that both had buckled their seatbelts and both the driver and passenger airbags had been deployed.

Walker had starred in all but one of the six “Fast & Furious” blockbusters, which hails risky driving and muscle cars.

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