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The Curse of Reality TV in Marriages

In case you haven’t noticed yet, but a lot of marriages were ruined after they let cameras document their lives in what is called as reality TV.

Even big celebrity A-listers are not exempted from the list of celebrity marriages that were ruined after letting cameras record their personal married life.

Here is a list of celebrity marriages that were ruined by reality TV:

  1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. They were probably one of the pioneers of reality TV that feature a couple. Fans were excited about the real lives of the pop star and 98 Degrees member as a couple in their MTV show “Newlyweds” in 2003. But, after 42 episodes, they split up after three years of being married.
  2. Jon and Kate Gosselin. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is about a young ordinary couple with normal parenting problems as they raise their eight children who were all under the age of 8. When they became famous, they started partying until their marriage collapsed.
  3. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. The reality TV show Being Bobby Brown led to the separation of the couple who were married for 14 years. Did reality TV show work for them? “Hell to the no!”
  4. Hulk and Linda Hogan. The most popular wrestler showed fans his personal life in the hit reality TV show “Hogan Knows Best.” After the show was cancelled, he and wife Lind got divorced. The collapse of the relationship can now be seen in the show’s spin-off called “Brooke Knows Best.”
  5. Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. When RHONY Housewife met sweet guy Jason Hoppy, “Bethenny Ever After” reality TV show was conceived. However, the couple later on got separated due to insecurity problems. They even battle for custody of their daughter.
  6. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. People saw the destruction of their favourite national pop princess in this five episode reality TV series. Its title says it all, “Chaotic.

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