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The World + Celebrities Dissing Justin Bieber

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

Justin Bieber has 57 million Facebook fans and 45 million Twitter followers. These are some cold facts that remind the rest of the world how popular Justin Bieber is, especially to the younger generation. Another cold hard fact is, the rest of Earth’s population, which is 7.18 billion as of the latest poll, hate this guy so much that a group of Bieber haters have signed a petition to kick the singer off from America and back to his native country Canada. justin-bieber-london-baby-photo

It’s not difficult to figure out why. He’s successful and famous at such a young age. But according to the general public, he’s also a certified douchebag with a lot of recent douche-certified activities that got him in pools of trouble. Just recently, he was involved in a “scuffle” with Orlando Bloom. The latter tried to land a solid punch on the Biebs face but failed. The whole world though rejoiced for what Bloom did. That incident and more are giving some notable people a real reason to dislike Bieber further. Nobody wants to see a young star bring an end to his promising career. But the Biebs seems to be unstoppable in his trajectory downwards.

Here are some celebrities who have some words for the Biebs.

1.  Seth Rogen. Neighbors star used Twitter to give his opinion about Justin Bieber, calling him a “piece of sh**” for his series of arrests. rs_1024x759-140801122401-1024.bieber-rogan.cm.8114

2. Mark Wahlberg. The A-list actor gives the singer an unsolicited advice telling him to stop smoking all that weed and be a nice person. 1024.bieber.wahlberg.mh.080912

3. Taylor Swift. She’s a close friend to Selena Gomez, who was Bieber’s on and off again girlfriend. Swift is known to show her disapproval when it concerns the Biebs. She can dismiss questions that relate her to Bieber, she can mime a gag reflex when she sees Selena getting friendly with Bieber, she can show the world how much she disapproves of the singer as much as she can famously diss her exes in her songs. This is one loyal friend you wouldn’t want to have qualms with. rs_1024x759-140801122052-rs_1024x759-140731122328-1024.bieber-swift.cm.73114

4. Bill Clinton. The Biebs once sprayed a cleaning fluid to the former US president’s picture and said “F**k Bill Clinton!” Mr. President though was very quick to forgive the childish star by saying, “if that’s the worse thing he has ever done, then all is well.” rs_1024x759-140801122228-rs_1024x759-140731115842-1024.clinton-bieber.cm.73114

5. Taco Bell president, Brian Niccol. This guy said he wouldn’t take Taco Bell to Canada unless the country finally takes Bieber back. rs_1024x759-140801122148-rs_1024x759-140731121013-1024.taco-bell-bieber.cm.73114

6. Jon Hamm. This opinionated guy once told the world what he thinks of the Kardashians. Now he’s telling the world that it’s a shame no one’s really there to tell Bieber “no”.rs_1024x759-130712105614-1024.justin.jon.ls.71213_copy

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