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Top 5 of Africa’s Funniest People

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki could easily be the funniest guy in Kenya, if not in Africa. But it was totally different when he was starting out. He can still remember how the microphone was cut off because his jokes were so bad and boring.

Here is a list of the funniest guys in Africa:

  • Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki. He is considered as the next Chris Rock. Yes, he failed miserably during his first attempt, and even consider letting go of his dream to be a comedian. But he never gave up, he worked harder and he pushed through with his dreams. Now, he has his own big shows, Churchill Live and Churchill raw.2 Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki
  • Trevor Noah. Coming straight from South Africa, this half African-Half Swiss is so hilarious you won’t be able to stop your tears from coming out your eyes. He has been in African Voices, the UK’s Qui, and Late Show with David Letterman.2 Trevor Noah.
  • Daliso Chaponda. He originated from Malawi but he established his career as a comedian in Canada during the 2000s. Comedian Daliso Chaponda
  • Pablo. This HIV/AIDS prevention advocate is the 2009 Stand Up Uganda competition winner.2 Pablo
  • Basketmouth. With 550,000 followers in Twitter, he really must be funny.2 Basketmouth
  • Salvado. He quit being an engineer and embrace his career as a stand up comedian.Salvado

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