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What self-made young millionaires have in common

Most people work throughout their entire career life without ever joining the millionaires’ club. But some turn millionaires even before they hit 30 years of age.

But what sets there young successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest? According to Peter Voogd, the founder of the Game Changers Academy, you don’t make a million by accident, you must work towards it.


The traits that these successful your millionaire have include having a sense of urgency, finding strong mentors, focusing on leverage, and not caring about what other people say.

They become so successful in life because they constantly towards success instead of waiting for opportunities to knock at their doors. They make monetary success top priority from the word go instead of pushing it to the back burner as something they would like to achieve later.


On mentorship, these self-made millionaires find wise and smart mentors to guide them as they build their career.

“Success rises and falls on who you associate with, so make sure you stay aware of your surroundings,” said Voogd. He adds that the key to making the right business decisions requires learning from those who came before you and also finding a good mentor who will challenge you so you can focus on bigger thinking.


Voogd further says that trading your time for a proportional payment will earn you good salary but it won’t make you a millionaire. You need to focus on scaling and leverage. Go for investment properties, building a brand, membership sites, affiliate marketing, partnerships, etc. these will help optimize your earning rather than depending on only the salary.


Finally, you don’t need to care what other people say or think. This will limit you to their opinions. Don’t waste time trying to please other people, instead focus on your vision and learn to believe in yourself. Not everybody will like you for doing this, but the end result will justify the means.

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