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What Would Disney Characters Look Like In Real Life

Disney characters have always amazed children of all ages. These characters are lovable and are great role models to the kids, especially the princesses. But have you ever imagined what they would look like in real life?

Here are artistic images of your favourite Disney characters turned to life:

  1. Belle, Beauty and the Beast. She is supposed to be the most beautiful girl in town. But in this picture, she looks like your ordinary everyday book worm.018e930ad1467a9fbc19103d852bc0a9.600x
  2. Ariel, Little Mermaid. This image makes the princess look awkward. It seems really hard to look sexy while having fish tail for legs still pretty and it still makes you want to sing Part of Your World by the beach or pool side.19f1be380408a46a1d2b7b4f0f02ea0a.600x
  3. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty. The Aurora in this image looks nothing like Dakota Fanning’s sister Elle.348f67c102cf44f3387e8fbc998952dc.600x
  4. Cinderella. This is a wonderful image of Cinderella, because she is wearing her daily house cleaning attire, rather than how she is always depicted in other posters with that yellow gown and shining glass slippers.711f75d60c5aefb6c8768200e58c2fb1.600x
  5. Alice, Alice in Wonderland. She looks very curious, and maybe afraid in this picture — wonderful feelings to describe Alice as she first encounter the enchanted world.54cd65caeaf0e36620e16201d66240c3.600x

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