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YouTube Celebrity Michael Groth

You can get Emma Watson from Brown University, Chet Haze from Northwestern University and Michael Groth from Rice University. Groth, a Baker freshman, made his way in attaining over 1.75 million views within a year on his personally-made video , “How Old is Ash Ketchum?” he currently owns more that 13,000 subscribers for his channel MANDJTV, which is a YouTube partner and consist of six videos that have been viewed more that 10,000 times. Groth now aims at posting videos about once in a month.

In the company of his younger brother, Groth began making video since he was in the eight grade. In just over two years, his first video, “Nerf War Gone Wrong,” got over 60,000 views.

Groth said that back then, YouTube was relatively new and he was following a few YouTubers and that what they were doing appeared to him as fun. He added that at the time he and his brother had nothing to do, such that it seemed like a good cure for their boredom.

Groth didn’t give up in making videos and in June 2013, he came up with “How Old is Ketchum?” via a laptop and some basic sound-editing programs.

He said that he realized it wasn’t a topic he had seen (on YouTube) adding that there were a lot of videos answering questions about Pokemon but none addressed that particular topic. He just thought to himself that it didn’t exist and decided to go to be the person to come up with it.

The video started to become popular during the last fall when Groth matriculated to Rice. In last December, it had accumulated 1,000,000 views.

Groth stated that he was just in a state of happy shock and recalled that it was 999,000 one night when he decided to go to bed. On waking up the following day, it had hit a million views. He finally tried for a long time to make it big, and then with Pokemon that it continued to amaze.

Following the success of “How Old is Ketchum,” Groth was inspired to make similar movies, which also witnessed several views. One video, “What Happens Inside a Pokeball?,” currently enjoys over 700,000 views.

Groth said that after the “How Old is Ketchum,” became big, he started making money, which further motivated him to produce more videos, adding that he finds it fun and enjoy being super nerdy and to be appreciated by online viewers who has passion for.

Groth produces two types of videos whereby in one he speaks directly to the camera or acts. In others like, “How Old is Ketchum,” and “What happens Inside Pokeball?,” Groth narrates over some images and clips from the Pokemon TV show. He explained that he typically writes a script and record himself while reading it in small segments. Through the use of audio software, he strings the clips together and adds pictures and videos to match his narration.

Groth admits that some can take a long time to create and the longest video took him two weeks.

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