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Christopher Nolan Optimistic About Film Industry’s Future

Christopher-Nolan-and-Christian-Bale-BatmanThe advancement of technology may take away the prestige of watching a film in movie theatres. But this is not necessarily the case according to the Batman trilogy director, Christopher Nolan.

Through his article in The Wall Street Journal, he gave five effects of technology to the music industry.

Cinema Screens will be another platform

Movies can be ported to different devices from phones to any other screens – thanks to the advancement of technology. Movie theatres should recognize that it would be just another platform like any of these devices. Although it has a bigger screen, these theatres should determine if it will show a new movie for the week or just show the big screen worthy movie of last week.

Competition will make movie theatres more innovative

Since movie theatres will become just another platform, it should be more innovative and creative to come up with a more distinguished experience compared to other devices. It should move away from cost cutting by developing false digital upgrades and other marketing gimmicks.

Innovations lead to better audience experience

These innovations will make theatres bigger and better in the future. It will come up with new features that can’t be experienced on the phone or at home theatres.

Filmmakers will be more creative and innovative too

Since movie theatres are coming up with new innovation to provide a unique experience for audiences, filmmakers will also resolve to use new technologies and be more creative in producing movies to respond to the new developments of movie theatres.

As the film industry change, new works will be created

The movie industry is openly and significantly tearing down its own formal standards to provide a newer and more unique experience for the audiences. Through this open structure, there will be new works that will emerge. Nolan said, that is one of the major things he is very excited about.

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