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Degrees that are Bad Investments for Future Employment

Higher Education is a very important investment, especially for future employment opportunities. There are college degrees that would increase your chance on landing on a high paying and stable job. However, there are also other college degrees that you can consider as a complete waste of money if you plan to be employed in the future.

Information system

This is the number one degree that would lead you nowhere. The US Department of Labour can’t link this course to any job. It teaches general knowledge about technology. Computer Science and Information Technology degrees are better, because they are more specific with plenty of job opportunities waiting after graduation.

Film, Video & Photography Arts

This is a degree for people who want to pursue or develop their hobbies. A lot of people want to be photographers or get a career in the film industry, but there is not much demand for it. You can also learn these things from training courses, even online.

Political Science and Government

Yes, you may learn a lot about the government and politics with this course, but it will not teach you the real cutthroat business of being in politics or business. These practical skills are learned in the school of hard knocks. There are also not much jobs waiting for you after you graduate from these courses.

Anthropology and Archaeology

This is a highly specialized degree and there is not much job opportunities offered for graduates of this course. If you really want to pursue a career in this field, you may have to spend more time for more specialized and advanced courses.

Degrees to increase future job prospects

If you want to land on a job after you graduate, there are degrees that can increase your chances of landing on a high paying and stable job. These courses include Business Management & Administration, Computer Science, Elementary Education, and Finance.

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