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Different Ways You Can Use to Look at Progress and Success

A lot of people think that progress is a line inclined in a 45-degree angle towards success. But the truth is, it looks far from that.

Some of the biggest dreams you have in your life can be attained through an exponential growth type of curve, which means you have to work on your dreams for a very long time before you see a result. If you understand and accept this notion, it will be easier for you to get motivated as you hop on the journey to your life goals.

Meanwhile, other goals, like losing weight and getting fit will be seen through a logarithmic curve, wherein if you have a good disciplined habit, you will see the results in a shorter period of time. In this type of curve, it is also very easy to slip back to regression. So, be careful. But when you reached the pinnacle of your healthy weight, sustaining and maintaining the progress will be harder. Knowing this curve makes it easy for you to pursue that goal and have the resolve to stay on track as the progression slows down when you have reached the pinnacle.

The top 10 growth patterns are:

  • The Linear Path. This is the straight line inclined to a 45-degree angle, where you start from the bottom and reach the top smoothly. This composed of a life-long habit and skill-based hobbies.


  • Classic Exponential Path. This starts out slow, then suddenly arcs to a steep slope upwards to your goals. It requires endurance, patience and most of all resilience.


  • Classic Logarithmic Path. This shows you result in a short period of time, but it slows down later on as you hit a certain higher point.


  • The Valley Path. You start from the top, but then you fall down. When you start learning the lessons, the path will bring you back to the top.


  • The Peak. This gives you a quick success, but it also steadily declines after.


  • The Step Ladder. This involves growth followed b stagnation and vice versa, until you have reached your goal.


  • Surfing. It looks like a barrage of waves, but the waves gets higher after another. This means you become successful, then you fail again, then you learn, then it happens again, until you have gained all the lessons and experience you need to reach your goals.


  • The Plateau. As you reach the pinnacle of success, your slope starts to become a horizontal line at the top. It means your success must be maintained.


  • The Fall. This is the opposite of linear. Your going down to drain in this one.


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