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Do you want your relationship to be happy and fulfilling? Here are the rules to follow

Many relationships don’t last for long mainly because those involved feel the expectations they had before entering in to the relationship are not being met.
A happy and healthy relationship needs to be built not just found.


Here are some tips from the experts that can help you build your relationship:

Happiness and long-term romance is a two way street

Some people believe that love involves “winning” and “losing”. But the moment you regard yourself as a winner in love it means that your partner is the loser, since whenever there is a winner there must be a loser. It also means that you are getting your way at the expense of your partner.
Happiness for both of you requires that you compromise or even sacrifice in certain circumstances.



You need to respect your partner. Always be open and honest. Accept your partner as he/she is without comparing him/her with others. Acceptance allows both of you to be who you are without struggling to fit in.



Poor communication may lead to a break-up in a relationship. Be free to communicate whether in good or bad times. A healthy and fulfilling relationship requires that you overcome your challenges together. This will strengthen the bond between you.


Willingness to give and take in equal measure

As stated earlier, in a healthy relationship there is no winner or loser. Be ready to give as much as you would want to be given.

Bring out the best in your partner

Relationship is not a competition where everyone struggles to win. Use your relationship as springboard for both of you to become more than you could on your own. After all love is a wish to make someone happy.

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