90’s Fashion Trends That Made a Major Comeback

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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018

If you wear clothes, then you are probably acutely aware that fashion is fickle and trends in the world of American fashion not only change frequently, but they cycle back around every decade or so. Old fashion trends from 20 or 30 years ago will suddenly reappear on the runways infused with a new and contemporary edge. As we see these trends reenter the fashion world time and again, we remember some fondly and embrace them in their regeneration.  Others we may see as ridiculous and wonder why they ever gained popularity in the first place.  But nevertheless, styles come and go and clothing trends recycle over and over again. If you are old enough to recall what was en vogue in the early 90’s fashion world, then you may recognize some of these current trends that have made a stylish comeback today from 1990’s fashion trends.

1. Stretch Combs

fashion in the 90s
Stretch combs, that painful hair accessory that created an edgy cornrow appearance around your scalp while holding the hair off of your face during gym class in the early 90’s, are apparently making a comeback after Bella Hadid donned one of these stretchy plastic contraptions at New York Fashion Week this year. Like any basic headband, a stretch comb holds your hair in place and away from your forehead.  But it is unique in that it creates a zig zag part across the top of your head while establishing a visual appeal that draws the eye upward.  However uncomfortable these headpieces were in the early 90’s, it seems that a little bit of discomfort and possible pain is a small price to pay to be in style.

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2. Short Bob and Bangs Combo

Old Fashion Trends
Remember Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer with her cute wispy bob and short bangs hairstyle?  She not only won Adam Sandler’s heart in that film, but she won over the rest of us as we all ran off to the salon to imitate her girl-like look whether we were 15 or 25.  This easy, youthful hairstyle which was a hot nineties fashion trend seems to be making its way back onto the style scene with the 20-something crowd, like Taylor Swift, leading the way in celebrity fashion and showing off her charming blonde locks coiffed in perfect late 90’s fashion.

3. Claw Clips

90s fashion trends female
The giant claw clips of the 90’s that were capable of holding back thick manes of hair in one fell swoop are making a comeback proving that fashion in the 90’s did have some practical purposes that many of us would welcome back into our busy lives.  These huge plastic clips with teeth are so easy to secure one’s hair up off your neck and out of the way.

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4. Layered Spaghetti Straps

Clothing trends
Flashback to the mid-90’s when Cher Horowitz hit the scene in Clueless trailblazing her way to fashion icon status. Creating cute 90’s outfits from her neverending wardrobe, Cher epitomized all things in the realm of 90’s fashion trends. One of her signature looks was layering spaghetti strap tops and dresses over cap sleeve tees and long sleeve sweaters. This 90’s fashion trend for teenagers has hit the runways this year for women of all ages.

5. Menswear Inspired Suits

Classic 90s Outfits
Matching suit sets have always been a fashion trend for men.  But revamping menswear pieces into more delicate and feminine styles is a classic 90’s outfit trend that is making a comeback now. However, the looser fitting menswear suits from the best of the 90’s fashion icons are taking on a more tailored feminine appeal paired with ladylike accessories such as stiletto heels and dainty silk scarves.

6. Brown Lipstick

Nineties Fashion
Oh, the dark brown lipstick from decades past, sort of a 90’s fashion grunge appeal meets couture fashion in the form of lip color.  In the 90’s, women of every age were donning these dark matte hues on their lips to create a sense of mystery and style. Making a comeback again, you can easily find these rich shades of lip color at any makeup counter today.

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7. Thick Headbands

Late 90s Fashion
Those thick elastic headbands from the 90’s that were worn in the gym to hold your hair back and then matched with your outfit to make a statement have been revamped in rich leathers and plush velvets to create an element of intrigue. If you want to look and stay cool for a night out dancing or clubbing, these thick headbands will work double duty. What you may have worn to a 90’s party has been updated to perfectly suit a chic and edgy night out ensemble today.

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8. Goth-Inspired Slip Dress

90s Urban Fashion
The one iconic piece of clothing that personifies early 90’s fashion like nothing else is the goth-inspired slip dress. Made famous by style icons such as Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Carolyn Bessette, it is doubtful that this lingerie type dress ever really went out of fashion. Noted as one of the best 90’s outfits and 90’s fashion trends for females, the slip dress has remained in constant rotation on the fashion circuit. Taking on new life with a variety of lengths, prints, details, and other adornments, expect to continue seeing these sexy dresses from decades ago frequenting the red carpet, the pages of glossy magazines, as well as being showcased by your favorite street style stars.

This has just been a little taste test of the early 90’s fashion trends that are making a vibrant comeback on the contemporary style scene.  Be sure to also look for 90’s urban fashion that will be hitting the comeback scene in the form of box braids, track pants, and denim jumpers. And in the world of 90’s fashion for men, expect to see some major comebacks in the nostalgic hairstyles of young Leonardo DiCaprio’s long tousled front locks and blonde highlighted tips reminiscent of The Backstreet Boys.

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