Are You Really Happy in Your Relationship? Signs that You and Your Partner Are Pretending to Be in Love

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Last Updated: Sep 24, 2020

All that glitters is not gold. This is especially true when it comes to relationships. People can choose to stay in a relationship for various reasons. While there’s no doubt that there are people who love each other genuinely, some are just pretending to be happy.

The fact that you can see couples smile and hug each other in public does mean that they love each other. Some do this because they have been in that relationship for a long time and would not imagine life without it.

Even so, differentiating between real and fake love can be a daunting task. Some people are in a fake relationship without knowing. In fact, there’s a big difference between talking lovey-dovey things to each other and being in love.

One can fool the other into believing that they are in love, while in reality, it is all fake. In this post, we shall look at some red flags that you are in a fake relationship. But before that,

Can a Psychic Reading Help You Find True Love?

The journey towards finding the right partner is not an easy one. Before you begin the search for a “perfect partner”, it is essential to define what you expect from a relationship in the first place.

You shouldn’t worry, though. If you feel confused when searching for a loved one, getting a psychic reading can make things easier for you. Among other things, this is because a psychic reader can see some little things in your relationship that you cannot see on your own. To that end, here’s how a psychic can help you find true love:

Psychics Can Help Clarify Your Relationship Goals

People seek psychic guidance for various reasons. From love to career to money to connect with a lost loved one to get an insight about the future, among others.

For instance, this review of Kasamba’s psychics shows that they can help with love and relationship readings, dream analysis, career advice, pet psychics, crystal readings, tarot readings, etc. As such, they’re able to read your aura and sense your energy field.

Through that, they can advise on what you should prioritize in your relationship. Whether you need a fun partner or a strong and decisive partner, a love psychic will let you know.

Let Go of Past Relationships

At times, the reason you’re not happy in your current relationship is due to the previous relationship patterns. A psychic reading can help unravel the patterns in your previous relationships that could be making your relationship fail. Ideally, a reputable psychic can help you discover why your past relationships failed and the steps you should take to avoid a repeat of the same.

Find a True Partner

After identifying your relationship needs, and the past relationship patterns that made you unhappy, you should now focus on finding true love.

A reputable psychic will not just give the possibilities of a future relationship but will also give hints on where you can meet the right partner. While they won’t provide names and other specific information, they will provide cryptic information that, when used, will lead you to the right path.

Signs that You’re in a Fake Relationship

Posting About Your Relationship on Social Media

While there’s nothing wrong with posting about how amazing your relationship is on social media, some people do this to convince themselves that they are happy in a relationship. If you’re not aware, a lot of people who post about their relationship on social media are indeed insecure.

Desire to Control

While some people may view it as a sign of love, if you or your partner have a strong desire to control the other, then you need to rethink your relationship.

No one should control the other person in a relationship. If that happens, then it is a sign that they are jealous and insecure. Control in a relationship can take different forms. For instance, your partner can decide to withhold communication or insist that they are the ones to make even the slightest decisions.

If you feel that you have no control over many or all areas of your relationship, it could be an indication of fake love.

Always Bickering Over Little Things

While you may not have huge fights in your relationship, if you are always fighting over little things, you might be pretending to be in love.

Although you should not end your relationship due to small fights, sometimes they may lead to a lack of intimacy in your relationship, which can ultimately lead to a breakup.


While over-protection might appear like a sign of love and care, it isn’t. It is a hurtful behavior that occurs mostly between parents and kids. It is also common between loved ones, friends, and other relationships alike.

Agreeing with Everything

You should also be wary if you or your partner agrees to everything that the other person says. While it may appear like a kind gesture, it can be a sign that you or your partner are no longer interested in what is happening between you. Ideally, when a person is no longer passionate about something, they lose the will to fight.

Not Spending Quality Time Together

Does your relationship feel special? Do you spend extraordinary times together with your partner? If you answered no to all of these questions, then there’s something wrong with your relationship. Love is a special thing, and you should spend quality time together if you’re genuinely in love.

Even small things like watching a late-night movie or having jokes can mean a lot as far as your relationship is concerned. Ideally, you need to have something that brings you together, and that evokes sweet memories and laughter.

Forgetting Important Dates

Important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries mean a lot to most people. As such, if you or your partner forgets such dates or have no desire to celebrate together, that’s a red sign.

As small as it may seem, remembering these dates can show your partner that you care and you value the time you spend together.

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