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11 Best Ways To Wear Split Skirts

If you have legs that you are confident with, you don’t have to show it all the way with a very mini skirt. You can wear a spliced skirt just to show off enough and leave more for imagination, because it’s simply classy that way.

Here are some of the best tips on how to wear those spliced skirts:

  1. Business on top. Wear a chic blazer for your top while you wear a spliced skirt. This makes you look executive while showing off some skin.HelenaBordon_2997195a
  2. Wear with Boots. You can pair your spliced skirt with boots to have more coverage while showing only the part of your skin with the slit. The boots are also functional as you wear your spliced skirt for autumn.Carine_2997197a
  3. Test to avoid mishap. Walk around with it in your closet or room and look at yourself in the mirror to make sure it will cover the appropriate parts from all angles. Avoid the felony below.ChelseaLeyland-don_2997199a
  4. Peekaboo. If you want to violate a little bit of modesty wear some lace under your slit and play a sweet peek-a-boo theme to your spliced skirt.SofieValkiers_2997200a
  5. Casual Accessories. If you don’t want to look too formal or executive with your spliced skirt, pair it with casual accessories.streetstyle1_2997202a
  6. Pair it with ladylike features. A slit skirt would easily make you look sexy and seductive. Pair it with ladylike flourishes like pointed-toe bow heeled shoes to avoid looking too seductive.palermo_2997290a
  7. Don’t wear it too tightly. Keep it a little loose, if you wear a very tight spliced skirt, your legs would be shown all the time, taking away the elegance and modesty. rachel Hunter looked like she suffered a tearing before she stepped out in front of the cameras. RachelHUnter_2997206a
  8. Trench coat for double slit skirt. If you were wearing a double slit skirt, a duster or trench coat would be best for cover up.SukiWaterhouse_2997209a
  9. Just keep them work- friendly. Keep the double split short on your skirt and wear a prim top.Duchess_2997213a
  10. Focus the split on the leg. If you have a spliced skirt, you don’t have to wear a very low neckline to show off your cleavage. KIm-dy_2997229a
  11. Light Fabric for better movement. Fluid fabrics help you move better, while thicker fabrics have flaps that look uneasy to the eyes.ale_2997235a

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