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2014’s Top Earning Models

They are not just beautiful; they also earn a hefty amount of paycheck. The 21 super models that made it in the 2014 highest-paid model list of Forbes have a combined income of $142 million this year.

This only shows that the perfect genes and amazing business judgement can truly bring you to heights.

Here are the top beauties that made it in the list:

  1. Gisele Bundchen ($47 million). Since 2002, this Brazilian-born mother of two has out earned any other models in the industry. She is still the top model with her hefty paycheck for the last 12 months.gisele-embed1_2649204a
  2. Doutzen Kroes ($8 million). This Dutch model endorses L’Oreal and Victoria’s Secret.D-7_2662412a
  3. Adriana Lima ($8 million). This other Brazilian model has been a Victoria’s Secret model since 2000 and now a spokesperson for Maybelline cosmetics.alessandra-blue_bl_2733905a
  4. Kate Moss ($7 million). This 40-year old English model is the endorser of top brands such as Topshop, St. Tropez, Kerastase, and Yurman.Cover_2752565a
  5. Kate Upton ($7 million). She’s the highest-ranking newcomer in the fashion and beauty scene being the new face of countless fragrance products and other advertisement.kate-upton655_2464313a

Honorable Mentions include:

  • Miranda Kerr ($7 million)
  • Liu Wen ($7 million)
  • Alessandra Ambrosio ($5 million)
  • Hilary Rhoda ($5 million)
  • Natalia Vodianova ($4 million)

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