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5 Autumn Fashion Items You Should Buy

As the autumn arrive, new fashion trends are coming in as well. There are certain key fashion items that would definitely make women very happy for this season.

  1. Moncler/ Mihara Yasuhiro Bomber (£830). This bomber is inspired by kimono fabrics that date back 1,200 years ago, but it has 21st-century designs. This will protect you from the wind and rains of autumn, but with style.5 1
  2. MaxMara Revirsible Coat (£1,425). Get two coats for your money with this luxury revisable coat. It has a light fabric and a wonderful design. This coat gives you the best versatility and durability.5 3
  3. Lipstick Queen (£35). Try something subtler and softer that bright red, like baby rose or hot pink. The handle is also quite decorative, which makes retouching in public more fabulous.5 2
  4. Ferragamo’s Metallic Eveningwear (£505). This is the black tie of blue jeans. A feminine version of tuxedo trouser suits. This design never goes out of style.   5 4
  5. Dolce & Gabbana Jewelled Flats (£475). The rich might not fully comprehend this, but moving away from heels and shifting to flats, sandals and slippers is the trend these days. With Dolce & Gabana Alta Moda, your flats are filled with jewels.5 5

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